Antioch Pack 191

What will my kid learn in scouts?

Each scout will start by learning the Oath and Law. These are the promises each scout will make to themselves as they grow in the program.

Scout Oath

On my honor I will do my best. To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; To help other people at all times; To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

Scout Law

A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.

Scouts learn these by way of the Aims and Methods of the program.


Character, Citizenship, Personal Fitness, and Leadership


Living the ideals, belonging to a den, advancement, family involvement, activities, community service, and uniforming

When does the den and pack meet?

Den meetings (individual grade level groups) meet between one and three times during the first three weeks of the month. Generally these meetings are on Thursdays, though dens have the option to meet on a night that works best for the member families.

Pack meetings (all grade levels) meet on the fourth Thursday of each month. There are exceptions to that during November and December as they conflict with holidays, and months with special events such as program kick-off or graduation camping trips.

Pack families have access to an up to date calendar with email and text-message notifications; including integrations available for Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and Outlook to help keep informed. All den and pack events are posted on the calendar.

Realistically, what are our time commitments?

Your scout will meet with their den one to three times a month, depending on grade level, over the first three weeks at about an hour a meeting. The entire pack meets once a month for about one to two hours.

Additionally, there are extra activities such as hikes, local trips, and other events. There are also (optional but recommended) overnight camping trips during the warmer months.

Parents may be asked to help at den meetings or volunteer to assist with events. By joining scouts, parents can volunteer to be registered members of the Cub Scout committee and help with back-office operational activities to keep the pack running. All parents are welcome to attend the monthly committee meetings to get a back-stage pass to see how the unit operates, provide input or feedback on events, or just listen in. The committee meetings are usually on the first Wednesday of the month and are hosted as a Zoom call.

What does scouting cost?

Cub Scout's fees are paid annually and run on a calendar-year basis (January through December). How fees and payments work depends on if you are a new or an existing member.

If you are brand new to Cub Scouts...

When you register for Cub Scouts at the BSA National Website, you will be charged the National and the Northeast Illinois Council registration fees prorated for when you are registering at $8.75 per month. There will also be a $25 one-time processing fee.

  • If you sign up in August, pay for five months at $8.75 for a total of $43.75 plus the $25 one-time fee totaling $68.75.

  • If you sign up in September, pay for four months at $8.75 for a total of $35 plus the $25 one-time fee totaling $60.

In addition to the money paid to BSA National for membership, Pack 191 has a monthly fee to pay for the program materials, advancement awards, most event costs, and other unit operating costs. This comes to $12 a month. Whether you sign up in August or September, you'll pay the same $48 to cover pack dues through the end of the calendar year. This is due as soon as possible after registering.

The above information is for one scout.

Now that you're a member...

You are now considered fully paid through the end of the current calendar year. The cost per calendar year is $250, which consists of $90 for National fees, $15 for local Northeast Illinois Council fees, and $145 for a full year's Pack dues. But wait... you may not have to pay a dime!

In the fall of each year, Cub Scouts across the country can go door to door, call family members, and stand in front of local stores selling Scout Popcorn. If your scout(s) reach the goal of selling $750 worth of popcorn, the Pack will pay for their membership fees 100%. If your scout(s) do not reach $750 in sales, a prorated amount will be due to the Pack by December 1st. The prorated amount is $250 minus one-third of their total sales.

  • If my scout sold $750 (or more) of popcorn, I owe NOTHING!

  • If my scout sold $500 of popcorn, I owe $85 ($250 minus $165).

  • If my scout sold $250 of popcorn, I owe $166.67 ($250 minus $83.33)

Scouts selling popcorn will receive rewards from the popcorn vendor in the form of Amazon gift cards. The more popcorn sold, the higher the gift card value! More information is available at our Popcorn Kickoff event and during the fundraising season (September through October).

** Financial aide and/or payment plans available as needed. Please contact us to discuss options **

What do the Pack dues pay for?

The annual dues for Pack 191 are $145, broken down into just over $12 a month. Here is a summary of where this money is spent.

  • $3 a month for den leaders to expense program materials

  • $3 a month in advancement materials (pins, patches, etc.)

  • $1 a month for pack-level program materials

  • $1 a month for uniform materials (neckerchiefs, patches, etc.)

  • $4 a month for annual event budgets

    • Community service and engagement projects

    • Halloween party

    • Pinewood Derby and awards

    • Scouting birthday party (Blue and Gold Banquet)

    • Camping equipment upkeep

The pack budget and expense reports are open for all member families to review upon request.

What about sport or other activity conflicts?

While regular attendance at den and pack meetings is the best way to experience all Cub Scouts has to offer, there is no attendance requirement to be a member. All advancement and adventure requirements are written in a way that lets a family do them at home and communicate with the Den Leader upon completion. If you have to miss a meeting, or a season, due to a conflict with another activity your scout can keep pace with the rest of their friends!